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Software Training

Software Training

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Device Conversion Training

Transitioning your center from the PCS®2 to the NexSys PCS.

After successfully completing this training, individuals will be well-equipped with the knowledge of how to handle returning their used PCS2s and how to properly receive, assemble and inspect their new NexSys PCS devices. This training articulates the procedures an individual will perform before the NexSys PCS device is installed by a certified service technician. This is a one course, online program that will take approx. 45 minutes to complete.

User Training

Successful plasma donation starts with confident users.

This robust training program is separated by user task that walks the learner through an introduction to the NexSys PCS and the entire donation process. Courses also include cleaning, maintenance and common troubleshooting issues. This training contains six courses and a comprehensive test and will take approx. 4 hours to complete. This training does not certify the user to operate the device independently but creates a solid foundation leading to hands-on training.

The optional Basic Repair Certificate (BRC) is designed to allow users to handle basic repairs to optimize device efficiency. The BRC is a one course, online program that will take approx. 45 minutes to complete and requires management approval.

Service Training

Device troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.

Service Training was designed to maximize device efficiency by teaching others to diagnose and repair Haemonetics plasma collection devices. Throughout the three levels of Service Training, individuals will gain more insight as to the device mechanics and how to troubleshoot issues that may arise. Individuals must work through this program by first completing the online precertification training and then attending an on-site Service Training Certification Class. After successful completion of the Service Training Class, service technicians are required to recertify annually by completing recertification training online.

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Software Training

Online Software Training coming soon.