Haemonetics receives FDA Clearance for the NexSys PCS® with Persona® Technology.

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NexLynk DMS®

Taking donor management to the next level.

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Online resources created to help you to efficiently use the NexSys PCS® system.

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Inspired by extensive customer input, the NexSys PCS plasmapheresis system is designed to improve the key performance indicators that matter to you: Productivity, Quality & Compliance, Yield, and Donor Satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Open, bi-directional BECS connectivity helps eliminate inefficient, paper-based processes and the need for PDA-based phlebotomy documentation systems.

Simple, guided operation is designed to streamline collection processes. Large alert beacon enhances operator responsiveness, helping accelerate donor throughput. Improved serviceability helps maximize device uptime.

Improve Quality & Compliance

Automated procedure programming is designed to help avoid overdraws and underdraws, minimizing exceptions and protecting donor safety.

Integrated documentation and guided workflows during the procedure help ensure compliance protocols are met for every collection.

Increase Yield

Persona®  Technology tailors plasma collections to each donor’s individual characteristics, resulting in a more personalized experience for donors and yielding +9% to 12%1 more plasma per donation on average.

YES® Yield Enhancing Solution optimizes the plasma collection to enable utilization of the upper limit of the volume of plasma allowed by the 1992 simplified nomogram2.

Automated procedure programming is designed to reduce manual procedure programming errors that can lead to underdraws, further improving overall collection capacity.

1. Based on baseline device, software configuration, and donor population.
2. FDA Memorandum: Volume Limits – Automated Collection of Source Plasma (11/4/92).  Center for Biologics Evaluations and Research. US Food and Drug Administration.

Streamlined processes at every step—from setup and troubleshooting to disconnect—minimize wait times, helping ensure greater donor satisfaction and retention.

Integrated beacon is designed to improve staff responsiveness, reducing the time donors wait to disconnect. Quiet operation and improved donor information display further enhance the donor experience.

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