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Mobile and Web are crucial

Mobile and Web technologies have transformed many aspects of our lives, making it much easier to complete tasks every day. Whether ordering food, reviewing bank accounts, or checking-in for a flight, many of us pull out our phone and go online without even considering placing a call, much less making a physical trip.

This trend has only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, and savvy organizations are looking for ways to facilitate engagement via web and mobile. For plasma collectors, that means looking at ways web and mobile technologies can engage donors, and streamline the donation process, while also improving center productivity.
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Tailored support for donors

Donor360 can help your organization meet the challenge, enabling your donors in three important ways today:

  • Let donors know whether they are eligible to donate today and if not, when they will be eligible to donate. Knowing this before they leave for the donation center helps give donors confidence their trip will be worthwhile, while reducing the number of inquiries your center staff needs to answer.
  • Allow donors to complete the health history questionnaire online. Donors can complete the questionnaire when it’s convenient for them the day of donation, rather than spending more time in line at the donation center.
  • Accelerate donor check-ins with a rapid and touchless process. Donors save time and can feel safer not having to interact with shared kiosks and check-in systems.
  • Simplified = satisfied

    Donor360 is popular with donors who are looking to their mobile devices to simplify their lives. Over time donors will increasingly gravitate towards organizations that deliver a great mobile experience, not just a positive donation experience.

    Donor360 can help your organization quickly and easily become more mobile friendly, so you can meet evolving donor expectations.
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    Additional Information

    Contact us today to learn more about how Donor360 can help you improve your donors’ experience, and enhance their relationship with your organization.