PCS 2 Hero

The PCS®2 plasma collection system is the predecessor to the flagship NexSys PCS® plasma collection system, and helped Haemonetics set the standard for performance, reliability, and quality of plasmapheresis devices for the plasma collection industry.

Simple, yet sophisticated

The PCS2 offers self-loading pumps, auto-priming, comprehensive messaging, high quality optical sensors, minimal alerts, and an easy-to-read display. With multiple safety features, including redundant air detectors, a donor line pressure monitor, a fluid sensor, and an enclosed centrifuge, the PCS2 is built for reliability.



Designed for efficiency

The PCS2 is small, lightweight, and easy to move. The system is also available for use with EXPRESS® software, an intelligent algorithm that contributes to a reduction in overall donation time and which is also used on the NexSys PCS device platform.

Mutiple protocol support

The PCS2 system also includes multiple protocols, and is intended for use as an automated cell separator system and blood component collector in conjunction with single use sterile disposable sets. Products that can be collected using the PCS2 system LN6002 automated cell separator include source plasma, plasma for reinfusion and plasma & leukocytes.
PCS2 bag