Donors come in every size.

Now, so do collection volumes.

Persona®, a proprietary integrated plasma collection solution built upon the NexSys PCS® platform, is the first and only donor-tailored solution clinically shown to yield +9% to 12%1 more plasma per donation on average to maximize both cost-efficient output and patient impact.

Individual Donor-Tailored Collections

A transformational approach to plasma collection, NexSys PCS® with Persona® Technology advances beyond the 1992 simplified nomogram2 to individually tailor donation targets to each donor based on their total available plasma. Plasma collection becomes more personalized to better align with an individual’s body composition.

NexSys PCS with Persona Technology, bi-directionally integrated with the NexLynk DMS® Donor Management System and its compatible Persona Technology functionality, efficiently and seamlessly enables plasma collections using the Persona Nomogram.

Higher Plasma Yields

The Persona Plasma Collection Solution uses the Persona® Nomogram—a novel, personalized percent plasma nomogram that allows overall average increase in plasma volume collected per donation.

New larger Persona plasma collection bottle accommodates increased donation volumes.

Immediate and Long-Term Value

Immediately increases center collection volume output and patient impact, providing a new option to meet growing demand for plasma. Fully supported implementation and overnight conversion minimize disruption to center operations.

Long term, personalized donations can foster donor acceptance and comfort, both associated with increased likelihood of return visits.

The Persona Nomogram Story

The plasma collection system of the future.

The simple nomogram in place since 1992 was based solely on an individual’s weight. It allowed three plasma collection volumes according to whether the donor fell into the small, medium or large weight category.

The Persona Nomogram is a novel, personalized percent plasma nomogram based on body mass index and hematocrit, enabling a more tailored collection target using individual donor characteristics.

In a multicenter, prospective, double-blinded, randomized controlled clinical trial involving 3,443 donors who underwent 23,137 plasma donations - one of the largest plasmapheresis trials ever conducted:

  • Using NexSys PCS with Persona resulted in an average increase in volume of plasma collected per donation across the study population.
  • The number of repeat donations was not impacted and increasing plasma collection volume up to a maximum of 1,000 mL was well tolerated in eligible donors.

The Persona Plasma Collection Solution.
More Personal. More Plasma.

1. Based on baseline device, software configuration and donor population.
2. FDA Memorandum: Volume Limits – Automated Collection of Source Plasma (11/4/92). Center for Biologics Evaluations and Research. US Food and Drug Administration.
3. Coelho, P. S., & Henseler, J. (2012). Creating customer loyalty through service customization. European Journal Of Marketing, 46 (3-4), 331- 356.
The Persona Plasma Collection Solution is available in the U.S. only.

For more information about the clinical trial behind
the Persona Plasma Collection Solution

"Use of a Novel, Personalized Nomogram to Optimize Plasma Collection Yields without Increasing Adverse Event Rates:
Results from IMPACT, a Randomized Controlled Trial of 23,137 Donations"
(2020), Plenary Oral Abstract Session. Transfusion, 60: 7A–260A.

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