Cell Saver Elite+ NexLynk DMS NexLynk DMS

Turn data into a competitive advantage.

Our NexLynk DMS® next-generation donor management system is designed to tap the full power of the NexSys PCS® plasmapheresis system to drive new levels of plasma center efficiency and compliance, while enhancing donor safety.

Bi-directional integration

Comprehensive, Bi-directional Integration

Streamlines data exchange between the NexSys PCS system and the NexLynk DMS software, reducing inefficient manual processes and minimizing the potential for manual programming errors that can lead to overdraws and underdraws.

Embedded optional functionality that enables bi-directionally integrated procedural support for Persona® Technology and YES® Technology collections on the NexSys PCS device.

Increase Productivity

Seamless data exchange at every step — from donor screening and queue management to plasma collection and quality assurance — helps transform center efficiency. Collection center staff have the information they need to be productive, right at their fingertips.

Increase productivity

Easily access and manage detailed donor demographic information, consents, collection history, and more via NexLynk DMS.

Improve Quality & Compliance

Helps eliminate paper-based processes to ensure data accuracy and ensure compliance with documentation requirements.

Improve quality & compliance

Innovative features like the graphical Body Map simplify collection of critical donor information, helping eliminate inefficient processes while helping ensure compliance.

Strengthen Donor Relationships

Reduce wait times with features that help reduce door-to-collection times, which can lead to greater donor satisfaction, retention and referrals.

Donor Queue

Donor Queue TV provides a clear picture of donors called for collection and their station, designed to accelerate donor flow and optimize center capacity.

Additional Information

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